Making Your Website Work: 100 Copy & Design Tweaks for Smart Business Owners

Gill Andrews
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Who is this book for?

This book is for you if you're:

  • A business owner who takes care of their website themselves. You’ll learn how to write better copy and how to make sure that your design doesn’t kill your message.
  • A copywriter who wants to sharpen their skill and also learn how to prevent designers from murdering their copy later on. You’ll learn to spot bad design decisions and discover powerful arguments to use in conversations with your clients and their designers.
  • A web designer who wants to design not only pretty websites but also websites that convert.
  • A business owner who is planning to hire someone to create their website for them. You’ll learn how to spot ineffective copy and sloppy design to make sure that the pretty website you’re paying for will also convert.


This book is exactly what I've been searching for! Practical, tactical, no-fluff advice for how to design and fix every web page on your site. I reference Making Your Website Work daily (Amazon review)

💡 Among other things, you’ll learn:

  • How to spot (and fix) vague and self-centered copy
  • How to sound trustworthy even without testimonials
  • How to structure your homepage to make your message clear
  • Why you should delete your Testimonials and FAQ pages
  • Where to place call-to-action buttons to get more people to click
  • What design mistakes get in the way of your message

Read by 4000+ business owners from 21 countries


"This is the first book I finish related to this topic. Totally worth it"

"An exceptionally helpful resource for anyone who is looking to develop a website that actually achieves business goals."

"This is now an essential resource that sits on my desk. Packed full with great tips and advice. I learned a lot and constantly reference it for all the websites I build."

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Your shortcut to a business website that gets you client inquiries on autopilot.

Formats: PDF, MOBI (Kindle) and ePub


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Making Your Website Work: 100 Copy & Design Tweaks for Smart Business Owners

7 ratings
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